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    "No more checks, no more fees, my paycheck goes straight into my wallet. No bank account necessary."

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    Perfect if you don't have a bank account and access to other services than just a prepaid card.

What is PAYTOO Direct Deposit?

It's the perfect solution for you to receive your salary directly into your PAYTOO Mobile Wallet through direct deposit without the need of a bank account.

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Why PAYTOO Direct Deposit?

1 No bank account needed
2 It's safe. No more lost, stolen or misplaced checks
3 Easy Direct Deposit process
4 Compatible with any payroll companies
5 You can count on your paycheck even when sick or out of town
6 It gives you access to PAYTOO Security Cash Advance

How Does PAYTOO Direct Deposit work?

Open your FREE PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™ account

Apply for your PAYTOO Direct Deposit Account

Get your form signed by your employer

Return the form to PAYTOO and... Congratulations!

We are always available to help. Click on our FAQ or contact us below.

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